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Who We Are?!!

"" started in May 2000...

rolex replica Vix! came up with the idea, and Tarek got the name after being struck by lightning ;o)
Spiro said "I'm in..." Markos said "Why Not?!" and Ray, as usual, is "Always there"...

Since then, we've been searching the net and selecting funny Jokes, shocking Rumors, cool Games,
daily Horoscopes, and lovely Music....

Our purpose: ONE and ONLY :o)
Shaping your face to get that cute little smile...

You might ask yourself: what the heck do I get from!
The answer is simple:
If you're having your coffee at work, type, take a sip, view a page, take another sip and so on...
When you finish your coffee, you will have a good idea of what has done to you :o)

Whether you are a Worker, Student, Pal, Surfer, or even a hacker; DON'T come here unless you want to spend a great time!

As a rule of thumb, whenever you're bored, type to refresh.

If you really like the site, you can subscribe to our weekly newsletter,
just go to your favorite section, submit your email and we'll take care of the rest!

One Purpose!!!

We don't care if we're number ONE, the best.... The whole purpose of
is to draw a smile on your face and occasionally make you laugh :o)
So keep on smilin' cause life is really great !

By the way, is run by five energetic, happy, cool, bla bla bla guys :o)
Spiro, Ray, Markos, Tarek and Vix!

And finally, if you have anything to say or just want to suggest something, don't
hesitate to drop us an email any time!!!

One Goal!!!

Click here and you'll get a good idea!!!
kEep oN sMilin'
The team

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