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    The carrier of this sign could be a preacher, a businessman, a singer, an engineer, a designer, or an opponent.

Taurus represents perseverance, stiffness, stability and hard work.
He embodies work, struggle and financial success.
He is stubborn and secretive.
He gives great importance to his personal principles.
Taurus is self-centered.

Despite his kindness and willingness to help others, Taurus holds to his own ideas and principles.
He is stable in his passions, friendships and work.

Taurus respects the past as well as memories.
He has confidence in himself, in his thoughts and in his priorities.
Sometimes his is serious and self-restrained.
He is a good listener as well as preacher.

With respect to love, Taurus is jealous. On the other hand, Taurus is ready to give away his heart. He is sensitive and gets hurt easily.
His friendship is high and lasts forever.

Taurus is generous, intelligent and wise. He thinks before making any judgement.
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