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          dailyhoroscope    Virgo

    Virgo embodies mind, order, law, awareness, equilibrium, sacrifice and loyalty. He is a researcher, a successful employee, a doctor, a nurse, or a firm teacher.

Virgo is secretive and isolated keeping his feelings and emotions to himself. He is a very realistic person who does not believe unless he sees and touches.

Virgo loves to criticize other people and does not trust anyone easily. He is steady in his choices, feelings and decisions.

Clearness, steadiness and clarity are Virgo's ideals. He fears the coming and he works on organizing his life.

Virgo is committed to promises and dates. He hates arguments and noise.

Virgo is a hard worker who looks for perfection. He is in control
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Virgo despises lying, cheating and stealing and considers them as social diseases. He depends on himself and prefers individual work.

Virgo is conservation and demanding in love. He does not declare his feelings easily.

Virgo makes a good friend for he is a good listener to the problems of others. He can not stand loneliness and family is very important for his feeling of stability.

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