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    Gemini signifies duality, black and white, good and evil, victory and failure.

Gemini represents good thinking and variety. He is the king of discussion. Gemini is a preacher, journalist and a writer. He is the man of public relations.

Gemini looks forward to the future keeping some lessons from the past. His mood is inconsistent and lacks concentration that's why Gemini can not take his decision quickly although he is smart and intelligent.

Gemini swings between selfishness and generosity, between hate and love.
His charm traps the hearts. Gemini is optimistic and aware of the secrets of life.

Gemini is self-restrained and does not uncover himself easily. He is a good speaker and loves surprises.

As for love, Gemini tries to find his soul mate although he might not find him. He is romantic. He finds it easy to have friends, for he is surrounded by many people, yet he is free and independent.

Gemini is curious and meddles in the issues of others. He loves music, art, literature, theatre and dancing.
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