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    Leo represents generosity and ambition. He also represents steadiness and honesty. Leo embodies power and hard mood.

He makes a good play writer, a manager or a leader.

Leo places great importance on his ego, and pride characterizes his personality. He loves to show off and to be noticed and never fears to prove his abilities and his identity.

He is brave and attractive. He loves to be in charge of things. He is creative and usually achieves success in everything he does. His ambition is big and cannot be limited and he has the ability to understand others.

Leo's only problem is that he is not an open book. He usually keeps his grieves to himself and refuses to share them with others.

Leo loves noise and people and hates loneliness.

He is frank, generous and loves to be noticed and appreciated.

Leo loves competition and he wants to be always a leader in every thing.

He is energetic, and generous in love. He likes his soul mate to be honest fake chanel bag and loyal.

As for friendship, Leo is honest and sincere. He asks for respect and appreciation from his friends.

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Leo is led by reason and excitement and loves discussions, arguments, exchanging of ideas and challenge.
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